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Chemical Industry Tobacco Industry

The ink jet printing technology is widely applied in chemical industry including the jet printing of batch number, date of production, name of products on the package of chemical products like fertilizer, chemical preparations, plastic materials. No matter in ordinary working environment or in dusty and smelly environment, Shneou ink jet printers can always work well and provide best solution for identification. 

Characteristics of the ink jet printer:

1、Applicable to packages of various materials like PVC, PE, metals, cartons, etc. 

2、Jet printing of Chinese characters, English letters, numbers, and date on the tab or in other places.  

3、High speed jet printing for 4 lines.   

4、Auto cleaning nozzle for easy maintenance.  

5、Stainless steel shell with IP55 industrial protection grade.  

6、Good identification. The batch number, date and Chinese character can be identified clearly and jet printed in high speed. Stable operation and reliable performance. 

7、Low cost. Compared with traditional labeling, contact code printing equipments, the ink jet printer boasts the following advantages: auto system, editing of huge amount of information for printing, high load operation, low consumption of printing materials which lowers the labor force and material consumption for manufacturer.  

8、Outstanding protection. With IP55 industrial protection grade, it is able to maintain good operation in extreme working environments with dust, chemical smell or high temperature. 

9、Value added to the products. The clear and pleasant code adds value to the product. Especially for the well-known enterprises, a pleasant appearance helps the customers identify the original brand easily and protect the legal rights and interests of manufacturer. 

烟草行业 Tobacco Industry

Except printing various information on various packages of tobaccos (package, bar package, cartons etc), such as S.N., validity period, batch No, logo, product name etc, it is more important that with the application of inkjet printing technology, our company provide you with identification solutions on product anti-fake, sales management, flow track etc.

Ink jet printers and laser coding system are non-contact inkjet printing technology. It can satisfy identification requirements of the tobacco industry on fast printing on different materials, and ensures that information printed will be not de removed or damaged easily no matter they are in small cigarette packages or bar cigarettes, or cartons; or in plastic film outside packages or metal tin or paper packages, or in single package of whole box packages.

We, after cooperation with many tobacco factories and tobacco exclusive agents, has gained rich practical experience in the inkjet printing technology, including printing various pictures, characters, letters, numbers etc. on packages of various materials. The minimum size can be 0.8mm.

Random code and anti-fake code printing enables each bar of tobacco or each small cigarette package to have independent codes, which can be identified quickly and easily. Beside, information such as price, promotion massage can be printed on the packages of the cigarette. It can also effectively control sales prices of tobaccos, prevent market fluctuation, and help consumers to identify original product quickly, protect legal rights and interests of manufacturers. The patented invisible UV ink improves the anti-fake function.

It is able to print the serial number, bar code, designation on product package or cartons to build a data base, realize the follow up of products and query and monitoring of cross-region sales of distributors. Manage production and logistics on the fast production lines of tobacco factories. They fast dry ink provided by our company is very effective. It ensures clear, complete and legible identification of each printed product, and does not influence the whole production process. Besides, it reduces down time effectively. In warehouse or distribution center of exclusive tobacco sales agents, ink jet printer may print information, such as time, regions automatically. Meanwhile, it can build internal database and management system for the enterprise, and improve automatic warehouse management.

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