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Electronics Industry

In electronics industry, many components and circuit boards need identification and coding, such as printing of S.N, production time, in-warehouse time etc. A majority of manufactures adopt screen printing or sticking labels. Some uses code printers and ink jet printers to do the identification.

Ink jet printers are non-contact ink jet printing technology. It can satisfy needs of electronics industry on product identification, no matter it is used in small resistors and capacitors or plug-ins or other large parts such as switches. Product information such as Chinese characters, English letters, numbers, bar code, pictures, etc can be printed.

Shenou ink jet printers conform to standards of electronics industry and requirements of special application. They are suitable to run under clean environment with low noise. 1. clear, stable, clean printing which conforms to the need of tidy production environment. 2. The printed characters may be as small as 0.8mm. It satisfies the identification requirements of tiny components. 3. Able to print various complicated pictures and factory logos and standards certification, such as TUV, UL, CE etc. 4. The codes do not dissolve in detergents or solution of the parts, such as alcohol etc. It ensures conformity with industry code. 5. Able to be connected with other electronic equipment, such as scale, PLC etc. It can also be linked to the automation management system of the factories. 6. Able to print inks of different colors on surface of products or parts made of different materials.

Benefits brought by the ink jet printing technology:

1、Product Identification In electronics industry, many products need internal and external identification. With printing of clear and stable production specification and assembly or in-warehouse time, products can be identified quickly. Wear resistance of the identifications may ensure the duration of transportation and storage.

2、Conformity to rules and regulations   Usually, industrial codes, rules and regulations require manufacturers to mark origin, specification, manufacturer and other production information on the package or outside box. The ink jet printing technology can satisfy these regulations, thus ensuring conformity of commercial behaviors, such as marketing, product expert etc, to these standards. 

3、Requirements of Logistics    Printing bar code on package of products may speed up the classification and circulation of products, thus bringing about more reasonable and scientific management of times between production line and the warehouse. Besides, it will reinforce monitoring of consumption of raw material and effective management of inventory. 

4、Added-value of product   For users, clear and accurate identification is a standard method of brand identification. Meanwhile, it embodies confidence of enterprises in long-time safe use. For manufacturers, they can improve image of the product in the market and unify identification management, establish good identification image and improve appearance of products. 

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