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Medicine Industry

Inkjet printing technology is widely used in medicine industry. The packages also vary in medicine industry, such as paper box, aluminum coil package, glass bottle, capsule, film etc. No matter what kind of material it is made of, our company can provide identification solutions which conform to your standards, provide solutions of product anti-fake, market management, and flow track.  

The medicine industry is now promoting GMP certification, which has strict standards on application of medicine making equipment. The ink jet printers provided by our company are able to printer three lines at the same time. The stainless steel shell with IP55 protection rank, may satisfy requirements of packaging lines on speed and sanitation. It has large productivity (10,000 pieces per hour or more). It meets all application requirements: uneven surface of the package, high definition of the medical equipment, high adhesion force, production environment of different industrial protection ranks.

Ink jet printers are non-contact ink jet printing technology. The ink jet printing solution provided by our company may satisfy production identification requirements of the medicine industry, no matter it is in fine tablet, capsules, or aluminum tin board, or stainless operation instrument, or it is in soft plastic package or paper box, or single piece of products or whole box package.

Series small character ink jet printer conforms to standards of the medicine industry.

1、Non-contact ink jet printer of the latest technology can print codes in positive direction, negative direction or reversely. 

2、Equipped with flexible print head, side printing, and is applicable to printing on outside package of aluminum coil or plastic drugs. 

3、Printing various information, such as validity period, production batch No etc. Applicable to printing in small drug bottles or drop packages. It conforms to regulations of Medicine Laws. 

4、Suitable for good operation in harsh working environment. 

5、Unique pattern editing function 

6、Able to print characters with height ranging from 0.8MM to15MM. Able to print variable information from 1 to 4 lines at high speed. 

7、Good, clear and legible printing in small area. 

8、Automatically cleaning nozzle, make operation and maintenance easy.

Series big-character ink jet printer can be used on surface of various permeable or non-permeable materials. Easy operation, low cost. It can print information on sides of cartons or plates. 1. Flexible and convenient movement, suitable to print on cartons, woven bags or plastic films. .2. print up to 16 lines of information. Continuous printing with complete functions.

Series of inks can satisfy different requirements on printing of the medicine industry.

1、Safe edible ink which can be jet on the drugs directly, 

2、With fast drying inks of the fast production line

3、Ultraviolet radiation visible anti-fake ink developed by us may protect your legal rights and interests.  

4、Patented glass ink is applicable to all glass containers. 

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