Industrial Applications

Food Industry

Ink jet printing is widely applied in food industry. Jet print the expiration date, batch number, name of manufacturer or promotion information directly on the package bag of food or food of different specifications. Shenou ink jet printers, with stainless steel structure ofIP55 protection rank, can work under various industrial environment and meet the identification requirements of special environment of food industry.   

Shenou ink jet printers are non-contact type.  Shenou ink jet printer satisfy various identification requirements of different materials in harsh environment, no matter it is in soft bread and cake packages or hard cans, in environment of high temperature or wet condition, or for manufacture in freezing environment ,. 

The ink jet printer for small characters satisfies the standards of food industry. Chinese characters, English letters, numbers, logos, batch No., expiration date, date of production, bar codes can be jet printed directly on the tab or package of the food. It is applicable to print on package made of various materials include plastic films, paper, PET, tetra pak, metals, glass, woven bags, plastics, etc. For example, jet print the date of production and name of manufacturer of eggs in a fine way. Jet print the place of production and batch number for exported soil-less cultured vegetables and fruits. High speed jet print with 3 lines satisfies the high speed operation of package line of food industry.

Chinese display menu, 7000 Chinese characters library, pinyin input, easy operation. Language choice from Chinese or English, real time failure display which is safe and effective. Ink jet printers of high or low industrial protection grades apply to kinds of ordinary and harsh working environments.

The inks supplied satisfy different requirements of food industry on ink jet printing. For example, high temperature ink of primitive color is able to maintain the original color after the high temperature steaming; Low temperature ink applies to small package food or ice creams manufactured under low temperature; Color changing ink whose color changes after high temperature steaming apply to cans; and fast-dry ink caters for the high speed production line, etc.   

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