SOP810 Touch Screen Inkjet Printer



As a domestic leader in identification industry Shenou has always been concerned about the market demand, continuously in-novating in identification field . SOP800 series touch screen inkjet printer launched this time adopts foreign advanced 32-bit ARM embedded structure, and has made great improvements in man machine communication and intelligent operations. As for the electric circuit, key technologies like spray code stability control,data protection are used for multi-aspect innovations and design optimizatoin; as for the ink circuit, four-pump-in-one design of diaphragm pump advanced in the industry is adopted. The inkjet printer has powerful software editing function and high stability,and has brought a more perfect identification experience to users in the product performance, application and other aspects. It is an epoch-making product with the perfect combination of technology and performance.


32-bit embedded ARM structure

One key switch

Self-cleaning nozzle

Automatic detection of ink line

Diagnosis display of the screen failure

Automatic display of the machine status

Online information editing

Fully enclosed integral design of nozzle (all-round printing)

SD Card/ USB data information import


10.4-inch color touch screen

Vivid image-text menu

Multi-Ievel password protection

Selection of startup language/ with screen protection function

Different types of information is displayed in different colors

Automatic display of failu re detection



USB interface

RS232 serial input

Encoder input

Photoelectric switch input

Alarm output

Reserve of multiplex- control output


Chinese and English 

Size: 400x290x515mm

Weight: 27kg

Header of nozzle: 3 m

Voltage: 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Temperature: -1 0℃~45℃

Humidity: 1 0 - 95% (non-condensing)

304 stainless steel case; protection Level: Ip55


Printing points:5x5 5x7 7x9 6x12 8x16 12x16 11x24 16x32 self prepare the dot matrix information when there are less than32 dotmatrixes

Printing speed:3 m/s (5x7)

Operation interface:color touch screen, Chinese-English menu

Information storage:unlimited storing of printing information

Printing content:date, time, auto date, auto period of validity, class number, batch number, serial number, four groups of counters, meter counting, self-prepared patterns, variable bar code, anti-counterfeit code, multiple languages, multiple fonts  (suppo rt  personal  signatu re)

Printing length:1024 characters

Chinese input:pinyin input method, zone bit code input method

Printing ink:black, blue, red and other colors of ink

Printing height of characters:1- 15mm (adjustable)

Printing distance:0 - 30mm (adjustable)

Character widening:1- 9 times, widening of one single character is available

Character direction:normal character, reversed character, inversed reversed character, the printing direction can be set:independently for a single character

Character distance:1 - 8 times, freely edition point by point is available


Integrated four-pumps design of diaphragm pump

Unique triple anti-blocking function of the jet nozzle

Advanced ink viscosity auto-control system

Strong jet printing function

It can be applied in various severe environment

Perfect digital circuit control system


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