LANGDE900 Inkjet Printer



As a pioneer in the domestic inkjet marking industry, Langde always pays attention to market demand and continues to innovate in the field of marking. The LANGDE900 series touch screen inkjet printer launched this time is based on the background platform of Langdi Scloud cloud service, which integrates customers and manufacturers, provides end-to-end, face-to-face intimate services, and demonstrates Langdi inkjet printer technology with "cloud service". The new vision of leapfrog development is the forerunner of the Industry 4.0 era. It adopts 32-bit ARM embedded structure and uses linux operating system. Real-time all-weather full intelligent monitoring, remote service and upgrade. Nozzle triple anti-blocking technology. In solving the core technologies of high stability, high reliability and low cost of consumables for inkjet printers expected by users, it has achieved remarkable results among peers. Large-screen LCD display, full Chinese graphic menu operation, powerful multi-function software technology, what you see is what you get, what you write is what you spray. The more durable nozzle design is convenient, and the products are widely used in non-contact coding of dark color products such as cables, automobile and motorcycle parts, medicine, chemicals, building materials and electronics.


32-bit embedded ARM structure

Internet remote monitoring, upgrade

Full intelligent self-checking system

Print head automatic cleaning

Ink line automatic detection

screen fault diagnosis display

machine status automatic display

work log record

SD card/USB data information import< /p>

3G wireless Internet access, WIFI

Quad-core Cortex processor. 1GHz frequency.

1G Samsung DDR3 memory.4G Toshiba EMMC flash memory

Print head fully sealed integrated design (all-round printing)

10.2 inch color touch screen color LED touch screen

image graphic menu

multi-level password protection

boot language selection/with screen saver function

Automatic display of fault detection

Different types of information are displayed in different colors

What you see is what you get

SD card USB interface


RS232 serial port input

Ethernet port encoder input photoelectric switch input

Alarm output Reserve multiple control outputs

Chinese, English

Dimensions: 550X430X280mm, Weight: 26kg

Sprinkler header: 3 meters Voltage: 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Temperature: -10℃~ 45℃ Humidity: 10 ~ 95% non-condensing

304 stainless steel enclosure protection class.:IP55

• Print lines: 1-6 lines 

• Print points: 5x5 5x7 7x9 6x12 8x16 12x16 11x24 16x32  within 32 dots Self-made dot matrix information 

• Printing speed: 3m/s (5x7) 

• Operation interface: color Touch screen, Chinese and English menu 

• Storage information: unlimited storage printing information 

• Printing content: date, Time, automatic date, automatic expiration date, class number, batch number, serial number, four sets of counters, meter counting, self-made patterns, variable barcodes, pseudocodes, multiple languages, multiple fonts (support personal signature)

• Printing length: N*1024 characters (customizable length)

• Chinese input: Pinyin input method Location code input method 

• Printing ink: white, yellow, green and other pigment inks

• Printing height: 1~15mm (can be tune) 

• Printing distance: 0~30mm (adjustable) 

• Font width: 1~9 Double, can be widened for a single character

• Font direction: normal, inverted, inverted, inverted, the printing direction can be set independently for a single character

• Font spacing: 1 to 8 times, can be edited point by point 

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